Getting Online
The Basics:

1. Domain Registration
A domain name is your address (URL) on the web (eg. It should be easy to spell and easy to convey verbally. Cost is approximately $15 per year.

2. Web Site Hosting
Hosting starts at $15 per month and refers to the space your site uses on the hosting server.

3. Web Design &

From estimate to launching of the site can take between 5 days to 2 months or more depending on complexity of the job.

4. Search Engine

Submitting the site lets search engine sites know you are there and ready to be indexed. It is a necessity if people are going to find your site through the search engines. A basic free submit is included in every custom or template design project.

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Web Site Hosting *Prices subject to change
  • My PC Guy is a Home and Business Technical Consulting Company that is designed to make your needs and desires a reality. PC Guy Consultants come to you look at your operations, and deliver a precise breakdown of what we feel is needed in your company to expand in this high tech computer age.
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Online Credit Card Processing
  • Woodforest National Bank Merchant account provider offering personalized service and specializing in online transactions with eProcessing Network. (213) 383-2286
  • eProcessing Network Gateway for real-time online transactions. We work with eProcessing Network to allow secure transactions between your merchant account and your web site's online ordering system.
Internet Access

DBA Doing Business As...
  • In2dev (also known as In2Development) also does business as Honeybee Graphics, and runs design departments for AerioConnect and Aerioconnect.
Working with the Best We recommend the companies on this page for their outstanding service and reliability.
Beyond the Basics In addition to the basics of getting a web site up and running. Below are a few optional steps you may want to consider.

1. Securing Transactions
To secure a form or online transaction you'll need to purchase an SSL Certificate, also known as a Security Certificate. This will cause all information passing through the web site, like credit card numbers to be encrypted during the transaction. It causes a small lock symbol to appear in the lower right hand corner of the browser window letting visitors know that it is a secure site. Cost is approx. $120 per year.

2. Paid Search Engine Promotion
Fast results to move your listing to the top of search engine listings. Cost is a minimum of $50 per month with approx. $85 setup.
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